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The imagining of possible worlds is the staple of popular blog post writing sites sf fiction. Here are 43 must-visit sci-fi websites for writers:. Image from here and here sci-fi researchscience fictionwriting resources Great Idea shared by you i also loves to read and watch thriller and suspense novels and movies. Human imagination have no end; either you will be talking about Sci-fimystery, or thriller the best example is the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. How the best thriller novels is converted into the best best thriller movies is an Art of the human imagination and thinking.

The Bourne series is good, and it must be satisfying to see your work adapted into a major motion picture series too. This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Novel writing blog; tips, visit web page, news and how-to's.

Facebook Related Posts: Writing Science Fiction Plots — Our PATTERN System… Writing a fantasy novel: 34 must-visit websites Researching your novel: The ultimate guide sci-fi researchscience fictionwriting resources.

Great Idea popular blog post writing sites sf by you i also loves to read and watch thriller and suspense novels and movies. Bridget at Now Novel. Yes you are right my friend. Bourne Series is quite good. Get your free guide to staying motivated to write. Get practical tips popular blog post writing sites sf sticking to a writing plan and finishing your novel.

Start your free course now! We will never spam you! How to Write a Rough Draft. Creating a Fantasy World. How to Sit Down and Start. Want to write your novel? Search for inspiration here. Pin It on Pinterest. Want to start and finish your novel? Give me weekly tips!

Literary Fiction Genres. This list of fiction genres is drawn from numerous sources, including universities, author's pages, book vendors, public libraries, magazines.

Ghosts in the system. Top science fiction blogs As an author of two YA speculative fiction novels, and with more on the way, I'm often searching for places to contact about reviews, interviews, guest posts, features, press releases etc. During my recent search for science fiction blogs to promote my current novel. Hey, now there's an idea for a story.

Writer who investigates why SF bloggers suddenly stopped posting articles discovers the bloggers were abducted by a secret government agency because what they wrote about was coming true. Seriously, lists come and go as no doubt this one will too. SIGNS OF LIFE - There is no point sending anything to site that hasn't blogged in the past months.

Blogs should have signs of life i. MAPPING FOR FUTURE TRAVELS: Once you find sites that you like, save them to your favorites or copy them onto a blank document for later or you might not find them so easily the next time. So, here is the list I created for writers of science fiction who are looking for blogs to contact about reviews, interviews or just featuring their novels.

This list in no way guarantees that you'll get a response, let alone a review. Counting down the top 20 science fiction blogs for in no particular order Wands and Worlds : a blog about science fiction for children popular blog post writing sites sf teens. Site has been going since Big Dumb Object : a science fiction blog with rants and reviews. His site states to be honest and tell him you want him to plug your work in the first instance.

Lots of movie reviews, behind popular blog post writing sites sf scenes and feature articles as well.

Nuketown : features reviews of books, magazines popular blog post writing sites sf comic books. Allows press releases so if you can write a media release about your book you might get it posted here. Science Fiction Musings : this blog is run by science fiction author Anne Wilkes. Make sure you follow the review guidelines. You definitely won't find any paranormal romance on this site. Charles Tan Blog : a Filipino-Chinese speculative fictin writer and editor as well as blogger Biology in science fiction : for those who like something different, this site states that Science popular blog post writing sites sf isn't just about rocket ships and ray guns.

Genetic engineering, cloning, evolution, strange mutations, longevity drugs, intelligence-enhancing implants, plagues from space, and odd alien ecologies 9. Lab lit : Their site doesn't deal with science fiction, but rather with lab lit - realistic fiction with scientists as central characters doing their thing.

Fantasy Book Critic : as well as reviews, this is another site with a massive blogroll to other sites. A Dribble of Ink : run by Aidan Moher, this site has been travelling the internet since and attracts quite a few contributors 6. A Fantastical Librarian : another site with a lengthy blogroll. Site states that self published works are not accepted. Bookworm Blues : a speculative fiction book popular blog post writing sites sf site and a decent sized blogroll to check out as well.

Science in my fiction : for those who write with science in mind, a good place to also check on latest science developments. SFCrowsNes t: another great site that lets you post press releases as well as articles and reviews you've written. If there are SF sites you think popular blog post writing sites sf be included in this list, just drop me a line via the comments box.

Have a safe journey into internet space. D L Richardson is an author of several young adult fiction novels. The Bird With Http://pglobal.co/cheap-letter-ghostwriters-service-canada.php Broken Wing.

View more on D. Published on February 16, Jul 16, PM. Thank you so much for compiling this list! You are my hero of the week.

Simone wrote: "Thank you so much for compiling this list! You are my hero of the week. I've never been anyone's hero of the week. Aug 14, PM. Thanks for this list. It's been most helpful. Adrienne wrote: "Thanks for this list. It's been most helpful. Glad it has helped. Oct 20, PM. Thanks for providing such a well-written and informative article.

Anneque wrote: "Great list. Thanks for providing such a well-written and informative article. This will come in handy when I finish my next Sci-fi novel.

Oct 21, PM. LOL" Indeed it will. Jan 27, PM. I'll add my "Thank You" to the list. Jan 30, AM. Great popular blog post writing sites sf of SF review sites. I'm stealing this as book 2 release date approaches. So ditto what all above had to say.

Would also just quickly add the popular blog post writing sites sf SFSignal. Thanks and much luck and cheers to ya!. May 07, PM. I've been looking for a list like this! You are a dreamboat for sharing!. Aug 04, PM. It's new, but ambitious, popular blog post writing sites sf four times weekly and looking to interview talented, but under recognized people working in speculative fiction for a visit web page weekly posting.

They also have a section for free ebooks, but I don't know if they have it set up for anyone to contribute or if they have to follow a specific format. Sep 03, PM. Sep 05, PM. Joseph wrote: "Very cool list! It's new, but ambitious, posting four times wee I'll add it to the original post.

Cora wrote: "Nice list. I'll add my "Thank You" to the list. I'm pleased to say I've been super busy and haven't stopped in to say that you're very welcome. Christian wrote: "Great compilation of SF review sites. Maybe I found them after the original post. Mark wrote: "Very helpful. Thank you" Hi Mark You're welcome! Mar 31, PM. Its amazing how many of these have stopped writing May 16, PM. At this time I would like to share my videos read more you.

A shocking truth that needs to be revealed to the world. The truth should always hold a place in the history books even if it seems to be an inconvenient one!

You tube video channel: Ivan Vincent seven videos of varying lengths starting with the shocking Truth about George Lucas Star Wars and Jedi Knights 1. The go up watch them when you have time don't judge. Jun 28, AM. Thanks, for your blog list. Oct 11, PM. Thanks for the list! Feel free to share!. Oct 28, AM. Mar 01, AM. Hi there I have been searching for a book that I read - probably in the mids - that I am unable to find no matter who or where I ask.

I popular curriculum vitae writer for hire usa that you can help me. I don't know either the title or the author. It was a fat book, compelling and quite disturbing. Have you any ideas? I can't remember much more about it. Search for a book to add a reference. Flagging a post will send it to the Goodreads Customer Care team for review. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

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Literary Fiction Genres. This list of fiction genres is drawn from numerous sources, including universities, author's pages, book vendors, public libraries, magazines.
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“artigo retirado do AVG Official Blogs”
por Sandro Villinger



No dia 17 de outubro, a Microsoft lançou sua atualização drástica para o Windows ® 8 – a nova versão 8.1 vem com atualizações muito cobiçadas, como o retorno do botão Iniciar, uma interface do Windows Store atualizada, uma integração mais profunda com o  SkyDriveTM e uma interface moderna atualizada.


Se você tem o Windows 8 ou 8.1, a atualização mais recente da AVG para o  esl expository essay writing for hire nyc inclui um novo mecanismo de limpeza para o Windows Store e para aplicativos do Windows 8.


Dados inúteis ocultos nos aplicativos do Windows 8/8.1


Ao navegar no novo Windows Store ou baixar e usar aplicativos, dados inúteis são coletados e em muitos casos ficam na sua máquina. Estes dados temporários incluem arquivos de log, imagens, cookies, listas de histórico e arquivos de metadados que são mantidos dentro de uma pasta oculta no Windows 8 e 8.1. Assim como acontece com qualquer navegador, o aplicativo Windows Store e seus aplicativos do Windows 8 precisam de uma limpeza regular por duas razões importantes:


* Você vai economizar espaço em disco: Dependendo de quanto eles usam o Windows Store e seus aplicativos, os usuários muitas vezes podem se livrar de centenas de megabytes de dados.


* Você resolve problemas: Limpar a loja e os aplicativos pode ajudar a resolver problemas ao iniciar ou usar o Windows Store e seus aplicativos.


Veja como fazer isso:


Todos os usuários do AVG PC TuneUp ( popular personal statement ghostwriter website online) receberão a atualização automaticamente e gratuitamente. Se essa atualização não aparecer, veja o que você precisa fazer:


1. Vá em “Ajuda & Suporte” e clique em “Verificar se há atualizações”.


2. Depois de um momento, a nova atualização deve aparecer e atualizar o seu Disk Cleaner. Para verificar se há dados inúteis no Windows Store e nos aplicativos, vá para a categoria de “Limpar” e abra “Organizar Windows e programas.”


3. Em seguida, habilite a categoria “Caches” e pressione o botão Limpar.



4. Para ver o que está dentro, clique duas vezes em “Caches” e veja quais arquivos foram encontrados em “aplicativos do Windows Store”:

Como você pode ver em um exemplo nesta máquina com Windows 8.1 instalado no início de setembro, encontrei mais de 28.000 (!) arquivos temporários. Eles foram:


– arquivos MP3 e vídeos: Por exemplo, arquivos que foram temporariamente armazenados por aplicativos do YouTube® ou outros clientes de streaming


– Downloads: Arquivos que foram baixados através do aplicativo Google Chrome™ ou Internet Explorer®, por exemplo.


– Flash clips: animações em Flash ou clips (.flv) que foram incorporados em algumas aplicações e, portanto, baixado no PC


– Cookies & Arquivos Temporários: Muitos aplicativos usam cookies para armazenar informações para reconhecê-lo, da mesma maneira como um navegador faz. Além disso, aplicativos como o Xbox ® Music Marketplace usa um navegador padrão (por exemplo, Internet Explorer) para exibir o conteúdo. Isso resulta em arquivos temporários de navegação sendo armazenado em seu disco rígido sempre que você usar esses aplicativos.


Aceite o desafio – baixe e teste isso hoje mesmo e deixe-nos saber o quanto você foi capaz de limpar? Estamos ansiosos para ouvir suas experiências!

Publicado em AVG, esl book review editing sites por nigri em 27 de November de 2013.