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Job Interview Questions Your entire life has been getting you ready for this moment. Study job interview questions below. Although answers are provided at each question, some of them may not be suitable for your case.

It would be best if you could give your own answers to each question in writing. Before you do it, conduct extensive research about your potential employer. Practice responses both to yourself and with a colleague who is competent in your field. The good news is that it is possible to study the most common job interview structures, prepare answers to common questions and succeed. Below you will find most commonly asked job interview questions — the questions that are asked at most types of interview.

THE QUESTIONS THEY WILL PROBABLY ASK YOU Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. They esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba probably not employ you if you give an answer like 'I plan my lessons by looking in the textbook' or 'I teach according to standards'.

Tell me about yourself. Your answer should include your basic skills. Relate your answer to the position you are applying for; briefly describe your education, areas of knowledge and work experience, tell about your greatest achievements, indicate your strongest skills; explain briefly how see more potential employer can benefit from your skills.

Try not to repeat the facts from your CV. Never read or recite your CV. Tell me about yourself professionally. Then you should talk about other teaching jobs, especially those that are closer related to the job you are applying for. In addition, mention extra curricular activities. Do not read your resume. I am an enthusiastic teacher who looks for opportunities to tie academic goals and standards to practical, and memorable, situations. What do you know about esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba institution?

Before attending an interview, try to get as much information about your prospective employer esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba possible: study the website of the institution and if possible talk to some people who worked in that institution.

Employers feel impressed if you know much about them. Tell me your teaching success story. You need to sit down, take a pen and write down your teaching success story so that you would not need to stammer at a job interview. How do you teach? Try to relate this question to your own teaching philosophy.

I believe that content-based communicative way of esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba is the most productive way of teaching. Students must use the newly learned words which are actually passive words in practical situations until they esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba active, 'their own words'. One of the most efficient ways of dealing with large size classes is by subdividing, for example, 25 students into smaller groups, i.

Each subgroup is given a topic for discussion. Now and then, I walk up to each subgroup, brainstorm them and ask questions. Students work on their topics and later one student from each subgroup gives a presentation 5 students.

This is student-centered approach of teaching and it always works well. Students are exposed to natural communication. I usually esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba up lists of active vocabulary and different patterns for each subgroup in advance, depending on their levels.

In this way, a well organized twelve week intensive ESL course could teach an average student approximately active words. What kind of technology have you used in the classroom? You should mention your knowledge and experience in teaching courses related to CALL Computer Assisted Language Learning. What do you like about the job go here an ESL teacher? I belong to the category of those persons who are not satisfied until they have shared all that they have gained with their students.

I believe that teaching is a continual bilateral process of learning and sharing, especially in an ESL classroom where I use a combination of communicative, content-based and kinesthetic method of teaching.

It is also related to a great variety of stimulating activities and unlike many other jobs, has no real monetary value. The profit is in my learners. In my opinion ESL teaching is a very satisfying job. What are your strengths? Stay focused on the position you are applying for instead of trying to mention all types of strengths that you have.

What are your weaknesses? The question does not require from you to tell a weakness that is related to the position you are applying for therefore you esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba give a weakness which is not directly related to the position. Although I enjoy doing my job, others tell me that I am a perfectionist.

Also, if you are a workaholic person, i. What is your weakness as a teacher? I plan so many creative activities for my students and class time is limited. It is difficult to include all of the activities that I would like my students to learn from. After a while I have understood that it is very important to prioritize my lesson activities in order to enhance student learning.

Where do you want to be five years from now? The answer greatly depends on your age, experience and qualifications. It would be logical to tell that what you would want to be in five years' time would depend on your job performance and employer satisfaction. If you are a young teacher with a TESOL Certificate, you could mention your ability to learn and seek for improvement, although you should not be too ambitious with the job that you have not been offered yet.

Also, you should not demonstrate too much that you want the job because you want to learn from them if you want to learn, you have to go to school and pay tuition fee.

What would you do if your superior tells you to do something that you know is not right in the way of doing? There are a few possible answers to this question. Afterwards, I would reflect on this matter and try to understand why my superior had chosen that approach. It often happens that there are two or more ways of doing the same job or solving the same problem - and both ways are very efficient. Perhaps this would be an opportunity for me to learn to apply new methods and techniques or gain some new skills that I never knew of before.

If I call your present employer, how will he describe you? What do you think of the last school you worked continue reading You should stress the positive aspects of your experience. Tell about the positive work experience that you gained and mention good qualities of that esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. Tell what positive skills and experience you gained.

What would you say about your time management? You can esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba say that you manage your time well and never procrastinate. You always set goals and prioritize your tasks and spend a proper amount of time to accomplish each task.

Is there any workplace environment that is ineffective for you as a professional ESL teacher? I do well when I can draw my own map, make my own schedule and prepare my own teaching materials to help my students achieve their learning objectives.

I also like to work in a team, especially on assessment and material design issues. I believe that a lack of independence, creativity and no teamwork may result in ineffectiveness for any professional ESL teacher.

What qualities do you think will be required for this job? Job requirements are usually in the job advertisement. Study the job advertisement and ask yourself what additional qualities may be needed for that particular position. Why do you want this job? Stress the positive aspects which have attracted you to apply for this job. Do not mention the negative aspects of your current job esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba the job that you are applying for.

Mention such possible reasons as improvement opportunity, creativity and team work opportunities. What can you contribute? Study their website, their needs, and the job requirements in the ad, and tell about your accomplishments, responsibilities and achievements in your previous jobs; esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba them to the job you are applying for.

What are you looking for in this job? Interviewers want to measure your level of interest in the job and to make sure whether you have any doubts or not. While answering this question, focus on the job. Talk about the key skills the job requires and put emphasis on your interest in here a chance to further develop them. What kind of people do you find hard to get along with? I consider myself as a relater.

I focus on people and interpersonal relationships, and I sometimes feel that it is harder for me to get along with the thinkers. In my eyes, they are very different in their attitudes. However, my knowledge and understanding of the differences helps me to communicate with them successfully.

When I communicate with the thinkers, I try to present and explain my ideas in a logical way, and I support my ideas with facts. This helps me to get along with them well. How do you handle a conflict situation that occurs in your workplace?

This question aims to find out whether you are able to handle conflicts that may occur. It would be good if you could give an example of a conflict and explain how you resolved it. In addition, you can mention that there are two types of conflict, substantive and personalized. Personalized conflicts are usually destructive, hurt people and waste a lot esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba precious time in the workplace. You seem to have little experience in ESL click here. How do you intend to perform well in this job?

You can answer that although you have little this web page in ESL teaching, you have a lot of theoretical knowledge in this field; this knowledge will help you to pick up practical skills as soon as you start teaching. Tell them that your esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba and teachers have always considered you as a fast learner.

Can you adjust yourself to rapidly changing environment? You can answer: I consider myself as a person who can easily adjust to changing environment. I never had problems in this respect. I travelled much and I worked in different countries in summer camps with different people. What is your management style? I consider myself as a relater: I focus on people and interpersonal esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. When a person comes to me with a problem, I try to discuss and investigate the problem with the person, and I learn together with that person.

I never try to tell people how they have to think or what they have cheap essay websites london do.

Instead, I work together with people and leave people to decide upon the answers and actions to be taken. What kind of people do you work with most effectively? I usually work most effectively with people who are honest, open-minded and enthusiastic about their job.

What things impress you in your colleagues? You can mention the following nouns: enthusiasm, positive attitude, integrity, open-mindedness, and competence. What esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba is your brain? This is a zany esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba that tests your click here to deal with unusual questions or work under atypical circumstances.

If you got on an elevator where everyone was facing the back, what would you do? This is a zany question. The aim of this question is to see whether you would follow the crowd i. Would you say your previous school was full of hypocrites? I worked with very intelligent and educated people in prestigious schools, colleges and universities. Why do you change jobs so often? If you have had many jobs, describe the positives, e. Relate your experience to the position that you are applying for.

I like traveling and I want to learn about cultures, traditions and languages of the world. The best way of studying another culture is living and working among people of that particular culture and learning from the local people. Traveling and learning about the world gave me an excellent opportunity to esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba academically and professionally. Can you give me an example of your creativity skills? Give examples that can prove your creativity in such fields as student motivation, classroom management or new teaching material design; tell how you use games for ESL teaching purposes; how you apply grammar in kinesthetic learning environment; how you use a combination of methods to improve teaching standards at various levels.

Give a few examples, if possible. What esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba you want from this position? Describe your ideal job and include several descriptive adjectives that click here esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba institution, the job and yourself. Be realistic and brief. Do not mention salary unless you are asked a question related to it. Describe esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba as a teacher in three positive adjectives.

There are numerous excellent adjectives, unfortunately, most applicants do not think about them before they go for an interview. You can think of some adjectives which describe you as an ESL teacher and also as a person. Prepare to give a positive example with each adjective. Describe yourself as a teacher in three negative adjectives. The adjectives should not be so much negative that you would not get the job.

For example: perfectionist see the negative side of visit web page And also — positive? Prepare to explain them and give examples with each of them. Why are you leaving your current job? There can be many reasons for leaving a job.

In most cases, you esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba answer that you would want to pursue for more opportunities, get the chance to develop new skills mention the areasget more responsibility, or indicate any other sound reason. Your response should be positive and should not contain any criticism relating to your previous employer. Are you most productive working alone or in a group? The esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba depends for writer custom study service case college your personal characteristics.

You can answer that you need some private time for planning purposes. You also need private time whenever you design materials for your students and prepare for lessons but otherwise you like the activity and noise of people around you, as well as the ability to share ideas with teachers and students.

Tell me about when something went wrong. You should give examples from your experience. These examples can be about your first class, your first encounter with a classroom management problem or some difficulties related to planning and achieving your goals. In any case, try to sound positive and sincere. Tell what you learnt from your experience. Why do you want to work for this institution? Put emphasis on the positive reasons esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba you want to link their school, college or company but avoid mentioning such things as more money or shorter working hours.

Why should we employ you? To answer this question, concentrate on your previous achievements which are related to the job that you are applying for. How are you different from the rest of the teachers? The employer wants to know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

I believe this makes me different from those teachers who have a preference to use a textbook. I know my student well and I prepare my own teaching materials so I do not allow textbook publishers to dictate my curriculum, although I often use a textbook as a supplementary material for my students.

It can be related to application of new methods of teaching and research. Perhaps you wrote a textbook or designed a beautiful website? What other useful skills, apart from classroom esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba, do you have? What are your basic strengths? Select examples of your strong points at earlier positions. Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba examples should highlight the skills required by esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba position that you are applying for.

My greatest best case study writing service is to watch a students succeed through the motivation that I have cultivated over the past few months. Also, you can add that you are looking forward to expanding your experience in your new position if they employ you. Just click for source you work well under pressure?

Perhaps you could give an example from your experience when you worked under esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba and achieved good results. What is the last book you read? Prepare esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba list of books that you like to read; preferably those related to language teaching and applied linguistics. Many employers would like to see you reading books that esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba related to the position.

You should also be prepared to mention the title of at least one professional journal that you read regularly. What do you dislike about the job of an ESL teacher? Imply that there is nothing or very little to dislike about the job of an ESL teacher the one that you are applying esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. They may not be willing to trust me as an ESL teacher and they may be resistant towards ESL learning.

As a teacher, I must keep on motivating these students by applying methods and strategies of teaching that can suit best. Tell me about your future research plans. Ideally, you should give a clear answer regarding your research plans in the next few years.

It would be good if you could choose a research topic and would be able to speak on it. However, if you do not have any research topic in mind and do not know much about researchstudy the website of the institution to find out what they are doing. At the interview you can mention that you would be interested in joining a team of their researchers and mention the title of their research topic. Be open, tell esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba you are eager to learn and do not try to pretend that you know everything in that field.

What was your worst teaching experience? Tell what you learnt from your experience and how you improved your performance. Why did you apply to our school in particular? You need to prepare the answer carefully. There may be many reasons, such as prestige of the school, proximity to your home, flexible working hours, improvement opportunities, etc.

It would not be good to mention higher salary. Describe your teaching experiences. Almost all employers ask this question. It would be best if you could review your experience - perhaps look at your CV once more - and answer this question in writing if you have enough time before an interview.

Tell what method of teaching you use and explain why. Tell me about your teaching experience in 2-nd Grade. Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba absolutely loved teaching the 2-nd Grade. I found that in esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba beginning of the year the children were not motivated to learn much. And during their time in my classroom they learned how to work in teams, how to share knowledge and skills.

It was really amazing. I found that I have to be diligent about putting procedures in, allowing choices, explaining in simple language and setting limits.

I also realized how critical it is to differentiate instruction and build on previous knowledge at this level so that a good foundation can be set. Name three reasons why you became a teacher. I not only have 3 reasons but I have a long passionate story to go with it. Or: For the reasons I became a teacher I think I would say something like this: 1 The first reason I became a teacher is that I love children and enjoy working with children.

I feel that everyone who goes into teaching needs to love children. As a teacher I really feel as if every day is a different day, while in many other jobs every day is the same. Every day in a teacher's life is unique. There are different challenges to face and new decisions to be made. As a teacher I am constantly learning and helping my students to learn and see the "light bulb" go off in their heads as they finally understand something that they have been trying to understand for a while.

What would you never want to do as a teacher, and why? I would never want to yell at my students. I also not want to think that there was nothing more for me to learn from my students. Or : I just finished student teaching in a school where I saw several teachers yell at the students. I also grew up going to the schools in the same town.

I was so disappointed to the point where I have started writing a letter of complaint. I just think it is so hurtful to yell at a student. I understand everyone gets frustrated but it is better to take a deep breath.

When the teacher yells the teacher loses control and that is not a good thing. How would you esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba subject matter across to the ESL students? What strategies would you use? You could say that you make your lessons more visual animations, pictures, concept maps, etc. In your opinion what are the most important issues facing Гber top essay writing for hire ca der profession today?

There more info so many more things we have to do besides teaching. Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba major issues are state testing, childhood obesity, drugs, multiculturalism, broken families, budget cuts, etc. Or : For me, it's children's lack of motivation and esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba of interest in education.

This is more of a problem in the upper grade, but for some reason, many lose their interest by the time they get into 3-rd or 4-th grade. There's something wrong if teenagers, who are normally interested in the world, lose interest in learning. Discuss a time when you used poor judgement or made a poor decision in the classroom?

How would you or how did you resolve the issue? Kids are always arguing about friends not sharing supplies. Then I made a decision to not allow supply sharing their own school supplies twistables, colored pencils etc. Later, I discovered that this sent the wrong message and kids started not sharing other things as well. So rather than banning school supply sharing, I decided to allow them to share but began stressing kindness and sharing in ca best services essay college ghostwriter form of character education.

I then esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba that the kids shared better and were learning important life skills at the same time. Or : During my 1-st grade student teaching, I gave a girl several chances to correct her behaviour during a group activity. When she didn't "shape up" I had her leave the group activity and put her head down on her desk.

She just bawled with her head down. I realized that wasn't the best way to handle her misbehaviour. When time permitted, I pulled her aside and apologized to her and explained why I was frustrated. She gave me a hug and we discussed ideas of how to help her stay on track the next time we had a group activity.

It was a good learning experience for both of us. When the event was over I reflected on my actions and what steps I would take with future similar situations to prevent the situation and behaviour [your aim is to convey that you know you esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba human and make mistakes, you admit your mistakes, reflect on them, and try to improve your teaching from the experience].

How would you teach students with esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba backgrounds different cultures, different socio-economic backgrounds? You should mention how your lessons relate to their real lives and how you use a variety of teaching strategies that would meet this diverse need.

Why do you want to teach 2-nd grade? That would be esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba for me because of my own experience. I went to an elementary school that was extremely diverse. For example, we had a large Chinese community and we would study some of their customs and would have school events such as the celebration of the Chinese New Year. I just love those memories.

We also sampled some of the foods and did those chips that come in different colours - the Chinese potato chips. We also had an international day and that was a big celebration. I had this beautiful skirt that had mariachi musicians on it, so I chose to represent Mexico. I still have the picture from that event. I loved elementary school. It provided esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba with some of the best memories of my life [also, you could describe how to make your lessons a little more challenging to ensure their mastery].

What would you expect from your principal? Support and backing with any problems that might come up in the classroom, as well as with other co-workers, or with parents. Or : I would expect the principal to set a positive tone for the school. I would like the principal to keep an open line of communication between the teachers and school community, keeping confidentiality in mind at all times.

Why would we hire you over another candidate? Well, being a relatively new teacher, I can bring a freshness into my teaching. I am enthusiastic about my work, have many new ideas to try and am not set in a specific teaching style. I am open to trying new things, have a great grip on new technology and have the desire to utilize it in my classroom. However, I am not fresh out of college; I do have four solid years of substituting under my belt.

I know the teachers here, the kids here, I understand what goes on in a school, and, in particular, how things are done here. What three main concepts do you want your students to get from your lesson? First, I would want them to be able to apply what they learned into the real world. Second, I would esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba them to connect what they learned in this lesson to a previous lesson.

Third, I would want them to be able to come back to what they learned in this lesson in any future lessons and make that connection. We would all like to raise student esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba and address click to see more needs of each student. But when it comes down to it, we often have to make hard choices. If you had to choose, would you rather raise student achievement esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba increase self-esteem and self-worth?

I would focus on raising academic achievement because higher self-esteem is a natural consequence of better academic esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. Is it better to be strict or caring? Which type of teacher are you? I think it is far better to be caring but to also provide limits and boundaries that are so necessary in a child's development.

Students should not fear you but rather know that you care about them and that they can trust you to help guide them in making good decisions. Setting limits and boundaries helps them to take responsibility for their own learning. Or : It depends on the situation. I am caring because students should not fear me but rather cheap phd essay hire me. I am strict because I care about students, and I realize that they need rules and they need structure so as to thrive academically.

Why do you want to teach middle school? Or : Why do you want to teach high school? You should probably start with your love for the subject that you would be teaching. You should mention that at the middle or high school level students are acquiring skills that will prepare them for their life. As a middle or high school teacher I am helping my students create and motivate themselves.

I would love the opportunity to both learn from my students and inspire them for a bright future. How would you handle a conference with a parent who does not think there is a problem with the student? In addition, I try to maintain regular communication with the parents. Then, when it is time to talk about the behaviours that need to change they are usually more open-minded.

I usually start conversation in a positive, optimistic manner. I esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba positively hear the parent out and stay open-minded. Then I would follow up with some suggestions that have effectively worked in the past with students who faced similar problems. You are in the supermarket and a parent comes up to you and starts talking badly about another student. What would you do?

I would tell the parent that I never talk about other students with parents, just like I don't talk about their child with other parents.

What would you say to a parent who says their child is not being challenged in your class? I would ask the parent specifically, what areas they feel their child excelling and what specific skills they have. I would respond to the parent how their child was performing with my assessments as evidence. I would also provide the parent with information on the enrichment activities provided within each lesson. I believe the parent would respond well, once they understand that I was aware of their child's needs.

Or: I would cover the following points: 1 Ask in what areas do you feel your child is not being challenged. Do you believe all students can learn?

Every student has his or her point of challenge. If I have done my job and pushed each student to their own point of challenge, and check in with them frequently enough to assess their progress, there is no question that each student can learn.

The solution to this is to have a very interactive relationship with students. Or : Yes, all students can esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. The key to ensuring this is to find what works best for the individual learner. Finding out how the student learns best, i. People say that some children just do not want to learn.

I think that maybe they have not had the material presented in a way they can understand. It is up to us as educators to find the way that works for the learner. What area of the curriculum are you the strongest in? What area of the curriculum do you need refinement in? I am strongest in writing. I like making writing interactive for students by using technology, interactive websites and having students work cooperatively. I need refinement in teaching special needs students, e. How would you encourage reluctant readers?

I encourage reluctant readers by having them health paper out books in a genre that they are interested. Or : I help students find books that are of interest to them.

First, I find out what their interest is — travelling, music, type of sports, etc. Then I make those books available for students to read. How do you know if you met objectives? What if you did not?

I know objectives have been met through data collected through informal and formal assessments. I also give my esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba a questionnaire. Had the objectives not been met, I would revise classroom materials and try to read more the objectives by using esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba different approach.

Or : Every lesson Please click for source teach has closing in which I lead the class through a reflection of what was learned.

Formal and informal assessments are also utilized through data analysis. How do you know how long to spend on your objectives? The timeline for objectives is determined by what the students already know.

That would determine the extent to which I need to cover the material. Or : I spend as much time as my students need to understand each esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba and master the objective and I would monitor this regularly through informal assessments. How do you teach literacy in your classroom? Since literacy is integrated into almost everything I do, I teach literacy in my classroom using a balanced approach which includes modelling literacy during read aloud, practicing with shared reading, and focusing on specific literacy skills in guided reading.

In the classroom I use word walls words and lots of books of varying levels. My students have book bags where they have the books they are reading or have recently read to build fluency. Describe your balanced literacy program. In a balanced literacy program you have to make sure you focus on the following elements: 1 Read aloud teacher reads aloud serves as a model of fluent reading, encourages prediction, builds a community esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba readers, and develops active listening skills.

Effective readers are strategic. They have aims for their reading and can adjust their reading to achieve their reading objectives. Or : I use a combination of read aloud, shared reading, and guided reading in my class where I can model reading esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba the students, the class can practice reading in shared reading, and then I can focus on specific skills guided reading.

In addition to this, we do shared and independent writing to esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba what we learn during our reading to better our writing. I use word wall words, environmental prints, and various reading materials. What are your best practices in instruction? You can mention balanced literacy, small group instruction, early intervention, technology integration and differentiated instruction.

How would you describe your classroom management? Your classroom management should be related to your philosophy of teaching and methodology. It should include your classroom layout and organizational methods. Or : Behaviours come up when students are bored or do not understand, so I make sure my lessons are student-cantered and engaging the students. For example, students write down their answers to questions. As they write, I monitor, considering who is getting it all right and who still needs some extra assistance.

Then we develop source rules of the classroom and compare a great classroom to a not so good classroom, and what we would see in each of them. Could your strength be a particular subject you really excel? My strong point is that I can present information in a way students are capable of understanding it.

I usually give age appropriate, real life examples even on difficult topics. A parent of a student recently approached me and commented how much his son got out of my lessons. He said his son came home and talked about how well I explained the subject so it was not boring and esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba material made sense to him.

How would you handle a student who is disrespectful to you? I would pull this student aside to find out the problem the student is having with me and try to come up with a workable solution for us both. Or : First I would make sure that my lessons are engaging and that the material is esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba an appropriate level for them and that source are always actively engaged.

If the problem persisted, I would take that student aside and ask them why they are being disrespectful to me. Depending on the student and what their individual needs are, I may start a positive reinforcement behaviour management system with them where they receive a reward for demonstrating the proper esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba of respect towards me and the rest of the class.

What do you know about Vygotsky? Lev Semenovich Vygotsky — was a Jewish Russian esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba psychologist and the originator of cultural-historical psychology.

His most important contribution was in the field of language and thought. In his book Thinking and Speaking he established the profound connection between silent inner speech and oral language. He described inner speech as being qualitatively different from normal external speech. Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba do you know about Chomsky? Avram Noam Chomsky born in is a Jewish American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, author of many books click here political activist.

He made contributions to linguistics, psychology and computer science. At present Chomsky resides in LexingtonMassachusetts. He travels much, gives lectures on politics. What do you know about Geoffrey Leech? Geoffrey Leech is Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics.

His major fields of interest esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba English grammar, literary stylistics, semantics, computational linguistics, corpus linguistics and pragmatics. Geoffrey Leech was Professor of Linguistics and Modern English Language at Lancaster University from to He then became Research Professor in English Linguistics. He has written, co-authored or co-edited 25 books in the areas of English grammar, literary stylistics, semantics, computational esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba, corpus linguistics and pragmatics.

Svartvik2nd edn. What do you know about Stephen Krashen? Stephen Krashen completed his PhD in Linguistics at UCLA inand is currently an Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Southern California. Krashen is the author esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba more than articles and books in the fields of bilingual education, neurolinguistics, second language acquisition and literacy. His publications have received numerous awards. He distinguishes five key hypotheses about second language acquisition: 1 Acquisition-Learning Distinction, 2 Natural Order Hypothesis, 3 Monitor Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba, 4 Input Hypothesis, and 5 Affective Filter Hypothesis.

His five hypotheses of second language acquisition can be summarized esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba this way: acquisition is more important than learning. What do you know about Claire Kramsch?

Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba Kramsch is Professor of German and Foreign Language Acquisition in the German Department and in the School of Education. She is, in addition, Director of esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba Berkeley Language Centera research and development unit for all foreign language teachers on campus.

She teaches courses in foreign language pedagogy, discourse analysis, second language acquisition and foreign language literacy. Her area of research is applied linguistics, with emphasis on pragmatic, aesthetic and hermeneutic approaches to language study.

She also directs Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. Her major publications include Discourse Analysis and Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba Language Teaching; Interaction et discours dans la classe de langue; Reden, Mitreden, Dazwischenreden: Managing Conversations in German; Foreign Language Research in Cross-Cultural Perspective; Text and Context: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Language Study; Context and Culture in Language Teaching; Language and Culture; Language acquisition and language socialization - Ecological perspectives.

Her many articles have appeared in Studies in Second Language Acquisition, The Modern Language Journal, Die Unterrichtspraxis, The Canadian Modern Language Review, Profession, The ADFL Bulletin, PMLA, The Journal of Sociolinguistics, Language Culture and Curriculum. That depends on the students. At the beginning we do a KWL Know, Want, Learn chart to find out what students already know so we can just touch on those concepts and get into more depth of the things they do not know.

A KWL chart, or KWL table, is a graphical organizer designed to help in learning. The letters KWL are an acronym for "what we know", what we want to know, and "what we learned". A KWL table is Dysfunktion professional resume editing sites australia von divided into three columns titled Know, Want and Learned. The table comes in various different forms as some have modified it to include or exclude information.

It may be esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba in esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba projects and to organize information to help study for tests. Here is what the KWL chart can look like: A KWL chart can be used to drive instruction in the classroom. The teacher can create lesson plans based upon the interests and inquiries of the students and their needs.

Using this strategy can increase motivation and attention by activating the students' prior knowledge. This allows the teacher to understand the students' prior knowledge and the students' interests in the topic.

What is the purpose for using KWL charts? The chart is a comprehension strategy used to activate background knowledge prior to reading and is completely student centered. The teacher divides a piece of chart paper into three columns.

The first column, 'K', is for what the students already know about a topic. This step is to be completed before the reading. The next column, 'W', is for students to list what they want to learn about the topic during the reading. This step is also to be completed before the reading. The third column, 'L', is for what the students learned from the reading. This step, of course, is done after finishing the reading. The KWL chart can also be used in reading instruction at the beginning of a new unit.

A teacher has many reasons for using KWL charts in the classroom. First, a KWL see more activates students' prior knowledge of the text or topic to be studied. By asking students what they already know, students are thinking about prior experiences or knowledge about the topic.

Next, KWL charts set a purpose for the unit. Students are able to add their input to the topic by asking them what they want to know. Students then have a purpose for participating and engaging in the topic. Also, using a KWL chart allows students to expand their ideas beyond the text used in the classroom. By being aware of students' interests, the teacher has the ability to create projects and assignments that the students will enjoy.

A KWL chart is a great tool that can be used to drive instruction. How do you know what to teach? I use a diagnostic test to determine what students need to know and what they can learn. Or : I know what to teach by looking at the state standards for each subject, and by looking at the curriculum that the school uses. How do you know when a student "got" it?

Formal and informal assessments, observations and face-to-face communication help esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba to find out whether the student 'got it' or not.

Or : When I am able to see by walking around the room that they are doing the skill correctly or when they come and proudly tell me that they can now do this. What do you do with a student who doesn't "get" it? I re-evaluate the way I taught. I look at exactly what the student missed out and teach it again by using different strategies. Or : I think about why they are not "getting it" and determine another way to present the information to them that may be better for them.

Have you worked with Pacing Guides or Curriculum Maps? I have used a Scope and Sequence to determine what concepts need to be taught during certain grading periods. Or : No, but I worked with my cooperating teachers to come up with a long term plan for what would be taught and when.

As a new teacher, how long of an adjustment period will you need before you start contributing to the school and faculty in general? I believe I would start contributing to the school and faculty from the first day I am at the school.

Or : I would immediately start to contribute to the school and faculty. What will you do at that point? I would join committees, participate in faculty meetings, go to school events and collaborate with my colleagues and the parents of my students.

What is the greatest challenge that today's educators face? The greatest challenge is lack of student motivation. Educators should really get into what students find relevant and apply that into their lessons.

What are the primary factors contributing to please click for source student achievement? Lack of motivation and not enough parental support at home. What do you say to a parent when you have to call them? I start with a positive thing about their child, go straight into what the problem is, and then finish up with another positive.

What modifications accommodations are you familiar with for a struggling student?

Shorter assignment, positive attitude, behaviour modification and personal approach. Or : I look at my students as a whole, and try to teach the way they learn. I work with small groups in reading, and arrange my partner groupings so that my higher students can help a struggling student. I have also utilized behaviour contracts to encourage desired behaviours in my students.

As an educator, I take full advantage of all the existing resources and utilize them see more the benefit of my students. How would you address a wide range of skills in your classroom? I include pre-assessment, flexible grouping, and formal assessment. How would collaborate with fellow teachers? Or : Why would you collaborate with fellow teachers?

I believe it is essential to work with my colleagues to help create activities and lessons that are engaging, hands on, and fit the needs of my students. I work with my fellow teachers by sharing teaching materials, in the development of lesson plans, the collection of materials for special projects, and the sharing of resources. My current team is great at collaborating. We share the load and work together. Would you tell your kids that you like them, or that you are their friend? While I do care about my students very much, it is important that they do not think of me simply as a friend.

What they need in a teacher is someone to provide clear expectations in a safe and caring environment. One of my goals is to teach them the social skills necessary to developing friendships with their peers.

I need them to think of me as a safe person to approach, as a caring and sympathetic ear, but, ultimately, as an authority figure, not as click at this page friend. What are your favourite subjects? I really enjoy teaching independent living skills to students with special needs. It's encouraging to observe a student completing a task that, until now, someone has had to complete for him.

What do you think about parent involvement? Parental involvement is vital to student success in all classrooms, but particularly in special education classrooms. Students with developmental disabilities need consistency and routine in order to master and generalize concepts. If concepts taught at home can be reinforced at school, and concepts taught at school can be reinforced at home, we greatly increase the chances that the concept will be generalized.

Are you esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba team player? As a special education teacher, I actively seek input from parents, regular education teachers, related service providers, and other involved persons to ensure consistency of instruction.

I look for ways to help my students be successful in a variety of environments and with a variety of caregivers and professionals.

What would you do if a child wasn't ''getting it"? As an ESL teacher, I have gained experience breaking broad concepts into small and concrete elements that are more easily retained. When a student still struggles with the concept e. If I can make the information meaningful to the student in a practical way, the student is more likely to remember it. It's also important, when a student is not retaining information, to assess the teaching style I have been using and determine whether it is the most appropriate teaching style to utilize with this student.

If I have used visual examples and this child is an auditory learner, I am not reaching her in the most effective way. Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba must also determine whether the motivational system I am using with this student is reinforcing enough to make learning the information worthwhile.

Would you expect to make friends with fellow teachers? The camaraderie between teachers is important not only to creating esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba positive work esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba for employees.

It is also an important part of modelling appropriate social interactions for students. What I would expect to develop with my colleagues would be mutual professional respect and appreciation.

How can you tell that your teaching is effective? Or : I think I would also say something about listening to the types of ghostwriter cheap for hire paper college for your students are asking.

Also, it might be nice if you could say that you are seeing they are engaged in learning and fully participating. I think that helps paint a picture of your teaching style working. What would you do if one day before a test oder persuasive writers for hire toronto fГr realize that eight of your students are extremely confused and have not understood anything from the current unit?

I would have been conducting read more assessments and listening to my students so that the situation would not arise in the first place. I would be surprised if by doing so, that eight students would not understand anything.

I would ask to see these eight students for a tutoring session before the test. How would you handle it if a esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba refused to do something you had asked?

If the student was causing a disruption, I might ask to see the student outside in esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba to talk to him about what is going on. What would you do if a student refused to sit down? During my most recent teaching position, at a school for students with special needs, this was a common problem. I had one student for click nothing we could offer her at her desk was more reinforcing than simply being up.

Because this was her most motivating reinforcer, I had to find a way to gain control over it; if she could freely wander the classroom whenever she wanted, she had no reason to come back to me and engage in work. I placed work materials at eye level around the classroom.

These were materials she had previously mastered -- things like color Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba, sight word reading, etc. When she would leave her desk and run to the window, she found sight words taped to the window and we reviewed them until she chose to leave the window.

When she climbed under the teacher's desk, she found shapes to review. When she hid behind the door, she discovered community helper cards to identify. Meanwhile, at her desk were fun activities like stickers and her favorite coloring book. When returning to her desk became more click here than wandering the classroom, she began spending more time appropriately seated.

Once this change occurred, I was able to slowly fade in more academic tasks at the desk, interspersed with fun activities, until remaining seated at her desk was a part of her regular routine. I made "roaming the classroom" a reinforcer choice and allowed her to wander undisturbed only when she had engaged in a work task and earned all her tokens.

What had once motivated her to tune out her teachers and leave her workspace now motivated her to remain in her workspace and engage with her teachers to earn her desired reward. Tell me a bit about yourself. I am a high school teacher but I have worked with students with special needs in a professional capacity for ten years. I have had experience filling a variety of roles at the elementary, esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba, and high school levels.

How do you make learning esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba for students? Learning is fun when it is meaningful and when you are not afraid to take chances. When I take chances and I model for my students that I'm not afraid to make mistakes, it reduces a lot of the stress students feel to do everything "right. That's a just click for source and meaningful process. That doesn't sound quite right to me now, but like I said before, I'm going through and answering them off the top of my head just like in a real interview.

If I walked into your classroom on a typical afternoon, what would I see going on? You would be greeted by an eager group of students who enjoy practicing social interactions with a variety of visitors to the classroom.

One or two students would be seated with me at the group table, working on an academic task. Other students would be independently navigating their environments according to their picture schedules, completing independent work stations to reinforce academic, leisure, vocational, and life skills concepts.

Or : Several students would be engaged in independent learning centres designed to reinforce academic and vocational skills. This would leave me free to work one-on-one esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba in small groups with students at the group table.

You would probably get a chorus of "hello"s and "how are you"s from a class of students eager to practice social interaction. It's likely that a few of us would be engaged in activities that, on first glance, look mysterious -- exchanging paper of pizza, for example, esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba matching labels to cereal boxes.

Many of our classroom activities are designed to teach vocational skills for the future. Or : You would see a bright classroom where the students are actively engaged in cooperative groups, using manipulative, as I monitor and listen in on conversations about what the students are learning. Posted around the room is the schedule, student work, helpful posters, and on the back wall I have strategies I need to work more on, the schedule so I can manage the time better.

Describe a typical lesson plan. When writing lesson plans, I need to know what my students already know about a topic, what I want them to know, and how and when they will apply this skill or knowledge once they have learned it.

This information is not just for me; it is information that will work its way into my teaching procedures, because my students need to know the WHY behind what we're working on in class. We usually begin with a review of the prerequisite information, esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba by a brief and engaging hands-on activity designed to identify and build upon existing knowledge. I utilize visual examples, modelling, and verbal and signed directions during the lesson to ensure that students with differing learning styles are able to connect with the content being taught.

Each esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba ends with some type of assessment, usually informal. If a student does not understand the concept or is esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba able to perform the skill, I know to reteach the information in a new way. What is your teaching philosophy? First and foremost all students can learn. There is not a single student in my class that is not capable of learning.

I just have to find the way that works best for them. Secondly, Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba am not the centre of the classroom. I am simply a facilitator. I consider myself a life-long learner and I want my students to learn to love learning, and to understand why they are learning.

Tell us about your discipline philosophy. Students in my classroom earn access to reinforcement by engaging in appropriate behavior and completing work tasks as requested. In practice, this might take the form of a set number of tokens a student must earn before being rewarded, or of a behavior contract a student must abide by to gain access to reinforcement.

When a student fails to behave appropriately or to complete the tasks assigned her, she is unable to earn these rewards. If a student engages esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba inappropriate behavior that is designed to meet a legitimate need, I teach a more acceptable replacement for that esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. For example, if a student screams because she is frustrated and needs help with an academic task, I might teach her to say or sign "help" or to hand me a card with the word "help" written on it instead of screaming.

When she requests help appropriately instead of screaming, I immediately reward this behavior by providing the requested help. If by requesting help appropriately, the student has also met the requirements of her behavior contract or token system, this enables her to access a tangible reward in addition to receiving the requested help. What are your classroom rules? How do you make students esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba with the rules?

My students are involved in the rule-making process at the beginning of the school year. Together we identify the components of a safe and enjoyable learning environment. We then determine what rules are necessary to create this environment, and what the consequences should be for breaking these rules. How will you go about implementing school-wide rules? I usually post a version of school-wide rules in the classroom and then break them down into simpler versions, coupled with pictures, to promote comprehension.

Together my students and I discuss these rules, what they mean, and why they exist to make school safe, to make sure everyone does their best, etc. To gain access to reinforcement, students must follow all school and classroom rules in addition to meeting the popular site editor dissertation results liverpool behavioral goals developed for each student.

What are some ways you can avoid behaviour I can avoid many behaviour problems by setting clear expectations, by modeling expected behavior, and by reinforcing desired behavior.

In what ways do you communicate with parents on a regular basis? I develop a classroom website, which is updated weekly. On esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba website, parents can find our weekly theme, any homework that is required, and information such as spelling words or upcoming assessments. I also include links to online enrichment activities.

In addition to the website, I send daily notes home to parents in each student's communication log. I also phone home on a regular schedule biweekly or monthly, depending on the student and the family's preference to discuss the aspects of the child's education that are going well.

This makes it easier to call home when there are problems, because I already have an established relationship with the parents. How do you keep parents informed of their child's progress? In addition to sending home quarterly progress reports, I send home weekly work samples or narratives esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba performance, particularly if there is a skill that is being practiced both at home and at school.

What do you look for in a principal? I look for a principal who can serve as a role model for me and for my students. I want to feel comfortable bringing questions and concerns to the administration.

If I were to call your references, what might they say about you? My references would be likely to say that I am energetic and creative. They would point out that I sometimes get excited about a topic and deviate from my lesson plan to further explore it, sometimes exceeding the allotted popular course work ghostwriting for hire for phd for that particular subject.

Many of my former supervisors and colleagues recognize that I enjoy the process of writing and implementing IEPs. They will also tell you that I still get nervous before IEP meetings, but less so, the longer I teach. Yes, I am interested in other jobs if you do not hire me for this one. The parents in this classroom are very comfortable with the current teacher. Some of them are going to have difficulty with this transition. How will you handle those situations?

I would call the parents before the click at this page of school to introduce myself, invite them to observe in my classroom, and address any stressors they had about the transition head-on.

I've been in that situation before, and told them so; at my last school, some kids source had the same teacher since they were three before I came along. They between eleven and thirteen, so that's a long time!

How do you start class? What are the first few minutes of each class like? Do you let kids meander in and waste time, or do you have a plan to get them started each day? Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba have an assignment written on the board so that students immediately have work to do.

I make it a routine, so that students already know what is expected of them each day. This also allows me the time to take attendance, check homework, or even speak to a student briefly if needed. It also helps students to get settled in quickly, instead of wasting time talking or doing nothing because they are waiting for me. How much do you want to know about your students in order be helpful to them?

Or : I like to give every kid a new beginning when they walk into my classroom. So I please click for source want to know of any previous behavior problems. I would only want to know information that popular dissertation methodology writer service sf be vital for me to know.

What three things do you most want to know about your students? What do they already know, what are they are interested in, and how do they learn best?

What do you need to know in order to begin your lesson planning for a class? I would need to know what my students already know about subject so I know where to begin in my lesson.

What four key components do you believe you must include in your plan? Or : 1 student friendly objectives, 2 background knowledge, 3 words that may be in the lesson that they will need to know, 4 ways for me to check for understanding. Why is collaboration important? What will you do to collaborate? Teachers are the best resource for other teachers. Http:// with teachers gives new teachers ideas from veterans and vet teachers get a esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba new perspective from new teachers.

Describe your classroom management plan. Best classroom management plan is a good instructional plan. When I use strategies that require everyone to participate I can immediately see who does not understand the material, and lend a hand where they need it. In case a student misbehaves, they are required to sign in the discipline book, put the date, describe their offense, and if parent contact was needed, I initial.

I treat each student as a personality so their outcome depends on the student, the offense, and the circumstances surrounding the offense. What are more info reasons for wanting to teach in our district?

I want to teach in your district because the mission statement of the district matches my philosophy of teaching. I believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba in a safe and positive atmosphere that fosters a lifelong love of learning. List and describe two core teaching strategies you most utilized in your classroom.

I utilize Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba strategy and Cooperative Learning Strategy. When you think about your students, in what major ways do you most want to influence their lives? I want them to speech site school ghostwriting for best critical thinkers, to be of good character, and to love learning. When can you start?

This will click at this page your value in the eyes of your potential employer. What are the main duties and responsibilities of a teacher? At first sight, this question seems to be simple and easy. Unfortunately, many applicants cannot answer this question properly not because they do not know the things listed below but because they just forget to remember to mention them.

Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba feel too much nervous or excited at the job interview. You should mention at least the first 5 from this list: 1 Prepare lessons, assignments and assessment 2 Design learning materials and curriculum 3 Mark homework, class assignments and exams conduct formal and informal assessment 4 Identify the needs of individual students 5 Assist students in learning and teach students not only what to study but also how to study 6 Attend meetings, professional development courses, workshops, seminars and conferences 7 Conduct interviews with parents 8 Perform other duties, whenever requested by the school administrators.

Do you have any questions? Summarize your understanding regarding the position and politely request confirmation. Clarify esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba the points that you really need to know. Do not ask unnecessary questions. However, if you do not ask any questions you run the risk of making an impression that you are not interested in the position. You should ask at least one question. You should not ask all of them!

Select four or five questions. Perhaps some of these questions will be answered during the interview so you will not need to ask them. Are there any major issues within the school that are going to be addressed this school year? What is the policy on lesson plans? Are they turned in weekly? Or is having them accessible at all times okay? What kind of mentorship can I expect my first year? To subscribe, click H E R E ESL Teacher Reference Desk.

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Research, Writing, and Style Guides - A Research Guide for Students Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba

It's no secret in today's economy: hiring managers are bombarded by resumes, cover letters, and job applications on a daily basis. Some have stacks upon stacks of applications to sift through and not enough time in the day to get through them all, much less respond to them. WARNING : Don't use any cover letter sample without adding your own. Are you a click the following article or a woman?

So what should you do to get noticed if you're a serious job seeker in this economy? To get the interview and to rise above the competition and land the job? It all starts with the cover letter because it is generally the first document a hiring professional esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba. You must make it stand out above the rest.

By following these 7 interview-getting, attention-grabbing cover letter tips. TIP 2: Keep each paragraph to just three or four punchy, well-written sentences. Make it "easy on the eyes. This means big margins, and double spacing esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba paragraphs, and one and a half spaces between lines. TIP 5: Use bolding occasionally to emphasize important points, and to increase.

Don't use too much——just a few important lines throughout to break things up a little. TIP 6: Proofread your cover letter and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is an obvious one, but if it's not handled, it can ruin any chance you have of landing the interview. TIP 7: Double check your contact information, and don't forget to hand sign the letter.

Nothing is more embarrassing and deal-breaking than getting your own phone number or address wrong. First, write a cover letter that gives an introduction and states your intent for applying. It must also discuss your qualifications quickly, simply, and concisely. Finally, it must ask for the interview. Next, go through the seven tips above to make sure they are all covered before sending off the cover letter with your resume. If you follow all of this advice, the hiring manager will have no choice but to give you a call, assuming you have presented the right skills for the job in a compelling way.

It'll be obvious that you are trustworthy and dependable, and that you are definitely someone to contact for the position. Most job seekers do NOT pay enough attention to the cover letter, and simply "throw one together" as an afterthought.

You esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba an opportunity to rise above the fold with your cover letter——enough to single you out for the job interview. Teacher Cover Letter Tips. How To Write A Cover Letter. After Interview Esl cover letter proofreading sites for mba Letter. Free Career Quiz Creates Your. Terms of Use Privacy Contact Disclaimer.

How To Write A Cover Letter

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“artigo retirado do AVG Official Blogs”
por Sandro Villinger



No dia 17 de outubro, a Microsoft lançou sua atualização drástica para o Windows ® 8 – a nova versão 8.1 vem com atualizações muito cobiçadas, como o retorno do botão Iniciar, uma interface do Windows Store atualizada, uma integração mais profunda com o  SkyDriveTM e uma interface moderna atualizada.


Se você tem o Windows 8 ou 8.1, a atualização mais recente da AVG para o  popular presentation editor websites liverpool inclui um novo mecanismo de limpeza para o Windows Store e para aplicativos do Windows 8.


Dados inúteis ocultos nos aplicativos do Windows 8/8.1


Ao navegar no novo Windows Store ou baixar e usar aplicativos, dados inúteis são coletados e em muitos casos ficam na sua máquina. Estes dados temporários incluem arquivos de log, imagens, cookies, listas de histórico e arquivos de metadados que são mantidos dentro de uma pasta oculta no Windows 8 e 8.1. Assim como acontece com qualquer navegador, o aplicativo Windows Store e seus aplicativos do Windows 8 precisam de uma limpeza regular por duas razões importantes:


* Você vai economizar espaço em disco: Dependendo de quanto eles usam o Windows Store e seus aplicativos, os usuários muitas vezes podem se livrar de centenas de megabytes de dados.


* Você resolve problemas: Limpar a loja e os aplicativos pode ajudar a resolver problemas ao iniciar ou usar o Windows Store e seus aplicativos.


Veja como fazer isso:


Todos os usuários do AVG PC TuneUp ( admission essay editing site us) receberão a atualização automaticamente e gratuitamente. Se essa atualização não aparecer, veja o que você precisa fazer:


1. Vá em “Ajuda & Suporte” e clique em “Verificar se há atualizações”.


2. Depois de um momento, a nova atualização deve aparecer e atualizar o seu Disk Cleaner. Para verificar se há dados inúteis no Windows Store e nos aplicativos, vá para a categoria de “Limpar” e abra “Organizar Windows e programas.”


3. Em seguida, habilite a categoria “Caches” e pressione o botão Limpar.



4. Para ver o que está dentro, clique duas vezes em “Caches” e veja quais arquivos foram encontrados em “aplicativos do Windows Store”:

Como você pode ver em um exemplo nesta máquina com Windows 8.1 instalado no início de setembro, encontrei mais de 28.000 (!) arquivos temporários. Eles foram:


– arquivos MP3 e vídeos: Por exemplo, arquivos que foram temporariamente armazenados por aplicativos do YouTube® ou outros clientes de streaming


– Downloads: Arquivos que foram baixados através do aplicativo Google Chrome™ ou Internet Explorer®, por exemplo.


– Flash clips: animações em Flash ou clips (.flv) que foram incorporados em algumas aplicações e, portanto, baixado no PC


– Cookies & Arquivos Temporários: Muitos aplicativos usam cookies para armazenar informações para reconhecê-lo, da mesma maneira como um navegador faz. Além disso, aplicativos como o Xbox ® Music Marketplace usa um navegador padrão (por exemplo, Internet Explorer) para exibir o conteúdo. Isso resulta em arquivos temporários de navegação sendo armazenado em seu disco rígido sempre que você usar esses aplicativos.


Aceite o desafio – baixe e teste isso hoje mesmo e deixe-nos saber o quanto você foi capaz de limpar? Estamos ansiosos para ouvir suas experiências!

Publicado em AVG, custom cv editing site us por nigri em 27 de November de 2013.